Breakfast grazer

Whether you are recovering from the celebrations or just want hang out with you loved ones by the side of your villa, our overflowing breakfast grazing table could the highlight of your day. Each table is different and tailored to requirements but includes items such as breakfast puds, fresh fruit, charcuterie, local cheeses, pancakes, bagels, smoked salmon, pastries to name a few. We use as much local produce as are in season to bring the best of the Algarve to your table.

From 15/head



Choose from  of one  the following

( cooked over gas burners at your location)


North African dish of eggs 

poached in a tomato, chilli

and onion spiced sauce.


A rice based dish with flaked fish, fresh herbs, eggs and toasted almonds. Served with a mango chutney.


A mexican dish of poached eggs in spicy tomato and black bean sauce with crispy tortilla, jalepenos and  sour cream (chorizo optional).


 Local spicy chorizo(optional), roasted potatoes, onion and fried

egg cooked together in

one great big pan. 

Feta cheese optional

Important information

  • The cost of each package is determined by location and numbers and is calculated by head. It will include; shopping, prepping, transport to location, two hours of food service and clear down.

  • Tailored menus to suit all dietary requirements and taste are available on request. Please email your enquiry.

  • Please inform us of any ALLERGIES and INTOLERANCES at time of enquiry ad many food items might not be suitable.

  • Use of location kitchen (water and electricity) required for all packages. If this is not possible please inform us at time of enquiry.

  • Unless pre arranged  plates, glasses and utensils will not be provided.

  • A deposit is required for all reservations and a 48 hr cancellation required for 10 or less and 72hrs  for 11 plus.

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